A message on Israel

There are no words to express the disbelief and sadness for what is happening in Israel following the devastating attacks that began on October 7th. We, Greenville Jewish Federation employees and our Board of Directors, STAND WITH ISRAEL, our Jewish brothers and sisters, and mourn the lives needlessly lost.

Among the missing and dead are Jews, innocent children, elderly, non-Jewish supporters of Israel, and tourists. Our Jewish people are hurting here, in Israel, and worldwide. The outcry for support of the Jewish people must be separated from opinions on Israel’s leadership and politics.  

I have had many discussions with our Jewish community organization leaders, and we are UNITED in supporting our Jewish community during this difficult time.

Courtney Tessler, CEO

What can you do?

Donate. Below is a list of organizations, in no particular order, we recommend you consider for your donations. Many organizations are collecting donations, and this is not a comprehensive list. We suggest you research any organization before donating.

Gather Together.

Perform Mitzvah.


Share Your Support of Israel and Jewish People. 


Please check the calendar for upcoming programs, events, and community gatherings. 


Where can you get news on the situation in Israel?


Need help talking to children or peers about what is happening, shared on the news, and shared socially?

There are many organizations offering educational materials and resources to help. Please reach out if you need recommendations for resources.